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Our Core Values

Our 75 year old legacy in actuarial consulting motivates us onto the path of growth and thereby we have always endeavoured to thrive ahead with the deeply rooted culture of values central to our firm. This coupled with a progressive outlook equips us to welcome new horizons, be it opportunities or challenges, and strive for success.


  • Maintain moral and ethical standards
  • Work honestly and responsibly
  • Hold accountability of one’s actions
  • Deliver as promised with dedication
  • Never indulge in unfair practices and unprofessional conduct


  • Gain technical skills and knowledge
  • Work proficiently and deliver efficiently
  • Learn and innovate continuously
  • Manage time and tasks effectively

    Client Relationship

  • Building relationships based on trust and mutual respect
  • Create value
  • Catering to client needs
  • Client satisfaction

    Work Culture

  • Invigorating work processes
  • Team building capabilities
  • Holistic growth and progress
  • Celebrate together


  • Aiming for accuracy and adopting the best practices
  • Maintaining stellar quality in all that we do
  • Taking care of confidentiality