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Non-Life Insurance

Non-Life Insurance is a policy that provides compensation for losses incurred from a specific financial event. This type of policy is also known as general insurance, or property and casualty insurance. Examples of non-life insurance policies include automobile policies, home-owners policies, damage cover from fire, marine accidents, travel, theft and any catastrophe etc. Since the probability of occurrence of these risks is very difficult to ascertain, it thereby is an extremely difficult task to measure the amount of damage they would do, on their incidence.

The Firm strives towards providing solutions for these risks so that you can have an appropriately measured risk quantum that could have an effect on your business. We understand that it is very important for every business to appropriately book their liabilities whilst meeting the regulatory requirements that are dictated upon them while simultaneously being able to make profits on their businesses and our team endeavours to provide support for the same.

The Firm has been instrumental in Initial Product Pricing and Certification of some of the big players in India.

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