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Shri Kantilal Anandrai Pandit

Shri Kantilal Anandrai Pandit, the founder of M/s. K. A. Pandit was born on 12th August, 1909 in a distant town of North Gujarat namely Visnagar. He was a dedicated and resourceful student and with his academic brilliance he graduated in the field of Science in the year 1930 standing first in the subject of Mathematics. Upon his graduation, he was appointed as a Dakshinya Fellow in the Gujarat College of Ahmedabad in the then Bombay Presidency. Along with this responsibility and the job of coaching young students, he simultaneously started his Actuarial Studies and finally attained the Fellowship from the Institute of Actuaries, London in the year 1940. He was amongst the very few in India to qualify as an Actuary at that time.

His actuarial career commenced hereon for Bombay Mutual Life Insurance Society where he was appointed as General Manager. In the beginning of the year 1943 he took the daring step of giving up a lucrative job and pursuing his dream of practising as an Independent Consulting Actuary by establishing his own firm. Venturing into this field as an independent practitioner was unheard of, but he was determined to achieve his goal and thereby all his efforts were concentrated on the success of his business.

As time passed, his resilient character and brilliant problem solving capability with the aid of his technical knowledge gave him an opportunity to give advice as a Consulting Actuary for about hundred national and international Insurance Companies until the time that Life Insurance was nationalised in the year 1956. He on the contrary diversified his professional activities to other branches of the field and again built up his organization giving numerous services to not less than about 1700 big and small Industrial and Commercial Units. Not only that, with the publication of The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, he realised the possibility of expanding the field of his activities and opened a branch in Ahmedabad, which has made possible to extend the Actuarial Services to many industries in Gujarat while the offices in Mumbai are centred to provide services nationally and internationally.